Al Capone Tobacco Leaf Wrap Pack of 18ct Rum


The Al Capone leaf wraps are made of the finest Brazilian tobacco leaves and then infused with the authentic rum taste. The rich blend of Brazilian tobacco leaves and natural nicotine makes them a great smoking device. It burns evenly, and stay well. They've been a popular choice for smokers for years. If you're looking for the perfect new cigar to include in your collection, you should try the Al Capone leaf wraps Rum!

These Al Capone leaf wraps are available in various flavors, and each is distinctive. Its Original flavor is smooth and rich and they also have Cognac or Rum flavors provide an additional taste. Al Capone Leaf Wraps offer a fantastic smoking option , and they're cheap as well! The flavor that comes from Al Capone Rum Leaf Wraps is the perfect mix of bitter and sweet. No matter if you're fond of the taste of Jamaican Rum or a cognac-based liqueur you'll definitely relish the distinct taste that this tobacco.