Al Capone Tower Slims Rum Cigarillos 60 Packs of 2


For the lovers of rum that don't wish to get intoxicated with liquor but only with impeccable flavor, the Al Capone Slims Rum should be the top choice. Encompassed by a Natural Tobacco Leaf, these Al Capones deliver flavor and consistency in one powerful package. Bound by a homogenized tobacco leaf and comprised of Caribbean based Cuban seed tobacco, these Slims Rum cigarillos promote the epitome of a truly sensational smoke. Originating out of Honduras, the tobacco compromising these cigarillos is perfectly ripe and offers a mild-medium in strength smoke that treats the senses with utmost respect. Each of these cigarillos is 3.25x20 is size and is the best choice for a short smoke for the aspirant that values his or her time.