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Backwoods Honey Berry Natural Cigars 8 Packs of 5

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You will never forget the freshness of honey and sun-ripened berries. 5 pack Backwoods Honey Berry cigarillos allow you to have that same experience, with a heaven-stricken smoking experience. These tiny cigars are infused with Carribean Basin Cuban seeds. They originate from the nutrient-rich lands of Puerto Rico which gives them their distinct Backwoods flavor. These cigarillos come wrapped in a smooth homogenized tobacco leaf. This tobacco leaf is known for its ability to produce a consistent, even-burning, smoke every time it is ignited. This product has a dark brown color and is a great choice for those looking for a quick and satisfying smoke. Each cigarillo has a length ranging from 4.5 to 32 and a ring gauge that is 32. This produces a mild, yet satisfying smoke that doesn't overwhelm the senses. 

Backwoods cigars are manufactured in the USA by ITG Brands in the third largest tobacco production facility in the country.

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