Middleton's Black & Mild Wine Cigars Box of 25


Replace your craving for liquor with a satisfactory smoke that tastes like the most perfect wine, exclusively offered by the Black & Mild Wine Cigars. These 5x30 cigars proffer the perfect aromatic smoke due to the highest in quality tobacco which comprises the interior of the cigar. Covered by a homogenic tobacco leaf wrapper and binder that come together to yield the perfect cigar, this product is impeccably machine rolled by John Middleton 's - a manufacturer that has been producing renowned cigars for decades. Rendering a mild, flavorful smoke each of these cigars is guaranteed not to overpower your senses with a full bodied flavor, thusly being perfect for the novice smoker. With a draw so even and a burn so slow and consistent, rest assured that this product shall be your best bang for your buck when it comes to having the best experience ever. These cigars come in a box of 25 for both wood tips and plastic tips.