Middleton's Black & Mild Wood Tip Cigars Box of 25


Choose a Black & Mild Wood Tip cigar to satisfy your craving for a natural smoke that is underpinned by a woody accent. Covered and bound in a homogenized tobacco leaf, these cigars shall provide you with an even, consistent smoke that is followed by a clean finish. Each cigar assimilates the dimensions of 5x30 - a size perfect for a short smoking session that will satisfy your very last craving. Perfectly mild in taste, these cigars will never be overpowering to your senses like the full bodied smoking experience can be. With perfectly cured pipe tobacco that has been ripened to perfection, these cigars will gift you with an unmatchable experience. Each of these cigars is packaged tightly for the purpose of the preservation of integrity and freshness. Tobacco Stock offers this product in either 10 packs of 5 or a box of 25.