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Blunt Master 2X Sweet Wraps 25 Pouches of 2


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Although rolling tobacco is more cost-effective, there's something special about the flavor of freshly made blunt wrap. If you're looking for an enjoyable smoking experience then a blunt wrap is the best way to take. These tobaccos with flavor are available in two packs that allow you to enjoy these in a leisurely manner. They come in various flavors. Each pack includes two blunts. The blunts come in a foil-sealed packaging.

The first step to roll your blunt is to moisten the wrap. Similar to the leaf it is important to wet the wrap. This will allow it to keep its shape and remain flexible. While you shouldn't immerse the wrap in water, even a tiny amount can be helpful. Be sure to ensure that the wrap is clean and up to smoking standards. Making a blunt needs two hands. Utilizing two hands will assist in smoothing out any wrinkles, gaps or fill in any gaps.

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