CAO Italia Ciao Cigars Box of 20


Defined by luxury and illustrated by style, the Cao Italia premium cigar family is a nomenclature of illustrious cigars that bury the competition underneath their footprints. Originating in the land of prominent tobaccos, Cao's origin is the legendary Honduras, where some of the highest in quality tobacco plants grow. However, these cigars are comprised of tobacco leaves from three different countries besides Honduras. The wrapper is comprised of silky smooth Honduran tobacco leaves, whilst the cigars themselves are packed with tobacco leaves grown exclusively in Peru and Nicaragua. And lastly, the Habano seed tobacco is grown in Italy exclusively for CAO - an area that supplies an impeccable climate for the growth of tobacco plants. Cao offers a variety of cigars within the Italia family such as the Ciao, Gondola and Piazza, all with a medium-mild strength profile.