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Cherokee Menthol Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag

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To this day, a Native American tradition that is centuries old is carried on in its most natural form. South Boston, Virginia is now known as the home of Cherokee tobacco - a company that produces some of the world's finest pipe tobaccos to this day. Grown with ample sunlight and humidity, the fertile lands on which this manufacturer's tobacco plants grow boast some of the world's highest in quality tobacco products.

Introducing the Cherokee Menthol Pipe Tobacco blend, an air cured tobacco recipe that is ribbon cut in order to render the finest consistency in your smoking experience. Infused with a minty flavoring, this medium bodied product is a masterpiece that has been scientifically concocted through the proportionate combination of Green River and Cavendish tobaccos - two types of leaves that pack an explosive, flavor-filled punch when combined together. Allow the tantalizing spearmint taste to arouse your senses, whilst delivering a natural tobacco flavor without interruption all the way to the end of the smoking experience. This mellower blend allows the Menthol to shine in its glory, slightly overshadowing the contemporary tobacco flavoring in the most mouth watering ways. Packaged in resealable pouches, this product is guaranteed to preserve its freshness for long durations.

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