Swisher Sweets Mini Cigarillos Twin 20 Packs of 6 Cigars Sweet


If you're looking for a compact cigar that still has the great flavor of a cigarillo, then you should try the Swisher Sweets miniature cigarillos regular. These cigars are manufactured by machines and contain a blend of 100% tobacco and a naturally sweet taste. They are packaged in foil pouches to make transport easier.

Swisher Sweets are cigarillos with a flavor that are created from a unique mixture of tobaccos. They taste delicious and are sweetly satisfying. The tobacco is soft and comes from a mix of premium ingredients. Swisher Sweets are manufactured in the hands of Swisher International and have been operating since the year 1958.  Swisher Sweets tobaccos make a fantastic choice for anyone who smokes cigars who wants mild, medium or full-flavored smoke.