Criss Cross Virginia Blend Original Pipe Tobacco 8 oz. Bag


Smoke Criss Cross's Virginia Blend Original Pipe tobacco, a product that carries all the positive traits of the standard original blend, yet tastefully embellishing them. Offering more of an expanded, flaky texture this pipe tobacco definitely offers more bang for the buck. Unlike the original blends that belong to its competitors, Criss Cross has successfully eliminated the overbearing harshness of taste, replacing it with a much more mild, medium flavor that is a perfect starting point for the novice smoker. This perfect blend of ultra expanded Virginia and Burley tobaccos gives way for a consistent, slow burning smoke that will tender the perfect smoking experience. This product leaves a low room note, humbly reminding, but not interfering with those in the immediate vicinity. Fit tightly into 8oz bags, Criss Cross has been successful in eradicating the distribution of shake and preserving quality and freshness for long periods of time.

Criss Cross is made by SX Brands in the USA, a domestic manufacturer of tobacco products which has established a respectful reputation due to its supply of immaculate tobacco products.