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Dark Horse Blue (Mild) Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20


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This is the perfect choice for anyone that wishes to get the most out of a high quality flavorful smoke. Regardless of the flavor the smoker chooses, Dark Horse Filtered Cigars will not disappoint. Delivering a heavenly taste and a truly flavor-filled, luscious smoke, these cigars are comprised of some of the best tobacco leaves on the planet - grown to perfection in a climate where the right amount of sunlight and rainfall intersect, underpinned by just the right amount of humidity. These cigars deliver a quality high enough for anyone to quit cigarettes cold turkey and make a calculated transition. Whether the transition lies in choosing the Dark Horse Blue, Menthol or Red flavors, one will be satisfied in his or her choice regardless. Tobacco Stock offers Dark Horse Filtered Cigars in 10 packs of 20, packaged to render convenience.

These filtered cigars are packaged tightly into boxes that preserve their integrity. The flavor and aroma that emanates from this product is simply irreproachable - unmatched by competitors and loved by smokers that choose other brands. These cigars are offered on our online retail store and in our wholesale distribution facility - both for very low prices. Tobacco Stock is Dark Horse's official distributor, offering an exclusive feature of their cigars on our online store.

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