Dream Catcher Classic Pipe Tobacco 8 oz. Bag


In order to experience a true full bodied smoke, one must ignite the Dream Catcher Classic pipe tobacco. A blend comprised of perfectly air cured Burley tobaccos and zesty Virginia tobaccos, this product renders an ultimate full profile experience that is difficult to match. Delivering an even, consistent smoke with every draw, this pipe tobacco is the perfect bang for the buck. Boasting a rich, luscious smoke every time it is inhaled, this non aromatic goodness is cut evenly and placed into resealable 6oz, 8oz or 16oz bags in order to prevent the distribution of shake. These resealable Dream Catcher bags claim long lasting freshness and quality preservation.

With its headquarters in Darien, Connecticut, Dream Catcher is a one of a kind pipe tobacco that is raised on fertile soil that is underpinned by just the right amount of sunlight and humidity. It is now manufactured by Swisher International.