Dream Catcher Smooth Pipe Tobacco 8 oz. Bag


Made from the finest blend of naturally sweet Virginia and professionally air cured Burley tobaccos, the Dream Catcher Smooth pipe tobacco boasts a non aromatic rendering that is smooth to the inhalation and rich in flavor. Slightly milder than the classic version, this product consists of the smoother to the texture tobacco leaves. Milder in strength, this pipe tobacco is the perfect choice for the novice smoker or the aficionado that doesn't wish to overpower his or her senses. With a rather even consistency, this tobacco is guaranteed to render a long, satisfying burn. Each Dream Catcher tobacco blend comes in 6oz, 8oz or 16oz bags accordingly. Each of these bags is resealable in order to preserve freshness and quality for a long period of time.

This production line is manufactured by Swisher International with its executive offices in Darien, Connecticut. Grown on plantations with ample sunlight and fertile soil, Dream Catcher boasts a quality difficult to match.