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Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty Gordito, Box of 10


One of new Deadwood products that were launched during the year has been the Fat Bottom Betty Gordo (Gordito). The cigar offers the combination of the best of both worlds: it's a stogie that's packed with flavor and an affordable cigar. It's a blend of premium tobaccos and aromatic tobaccos, blend together to make an enticing, flavorful tobacco stogie. It's an excellent option for traditional cigar enthusiasts.

When it comes to Deadwood cigars, perhaps the most striking aspect is that they've been introduced to the national market. This was done to increase the popularity of the brand and to make it more readily accessible across the nation. Deadwood has become a cult in certain regions, however it's been difficult find stores that have the brand. Thankfully, the brand is now readily available and comes in a variety of sizes and styles to pick from.

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