Royal Majestic Filter Tubes 100 mm Red (Full Flavor) 5 Cartons of 200


For the lovers of the full flavored smoke come the beautifully crafted, ingenuinely engineered Royal Majestic Red Filter Tubes. A perfect addition for your favorite cigarette tobacco these products are engineered with a filter that perfectly hampers the delivery of unwanted chemical byproducts to the smoker by trapping them inside. Engineered precisely to boast a beautiful, symmetrical veneer, each tube is created equally to roast slowly and deliver a full bodied smoking experience with every inhalation. Created 100mm in length, each of these tubes is perfect for those people that prefer the prolonged smoke. Making a perfect addition to the flavor of the cigarette tobacco that you choose to stuff the tube with, expect a delivery of a full flavor in the most uncompromising ways. These Royal Majestic tubes are created in the Philippines by those that prioritize quality over everything else.