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Djarum Black Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 12

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If you are looking for a cigar that are a bit more expensive, there are many options to choose from. The Djarum Black line is definitely something worth looking into. The line was first introduced in 2001 and is now a well-known choice for the sophisticated crowd. With their modern design and the boldness of these cigars, they exude modern and sophisticated vibe. 

Djarum Black filtered cigars are famous for their premium, machine-made blends of peppery as well as exotic cigars. Their aroma is captivating. They are offered in convenient individual packaging and don't require an expensive cigar cutter. They're great for smokers traveling.

Djarum Black cigars are made in Indonesia. They are made in Java the region that is renowned for its premium tobaccos. Djarum cigars originate of the combination of tasty tobaccos, that include genuine cloves, as well as other ingredients that are specially designed to enhance the flavor. They are mild-to-medium-bodied, with a rich, full-bodied aroma.

In comparison to traditional cigars, the Djarum filtered cigars taste better and have more tobacco and nicotine. The Original Black style is perfect for those who prefer the bold flavor. Silver type is simple to draw and provides an enjoyable smoking experience. Sapphire or Emerald type possess an intense menthol taste.

Djarum Black is a robust cigar with a distinct flavor and aroma. They are constructed of only natural ingredients, such as cloves and tobacco. They also have special ingredients that enhance the scent. The cigar is made in Indonesia. It comes in a practical 12 cigar cigarette pack.

When you buy the Djarum cigar online, you can be sure to receive your purchase in the span of a few days. You'll get fast delivery as well as a brand new product at an affordable price.

Djarum Black cigars are available in a variety of flavors. The black variant is most sought-after but the company also makes the mellow and blended with menthol Black Emerald, an exotic Djarum Splash and many more other flavors.

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