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Djarum Black Menthol (Emerald) Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 12

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Djarum Menthol Cigars are filtered cigars made with a unique mix of menthol and premium tobacco. They are sold in 10 packs of 12 cigarillos. They're available in a sleek green and black carton, under the name Emerald. They have a robust earthy taste that is complemented by a refreshing, cool menthol flavor. Djarum Clove Menthol cigars can be offered as larger-sized packs.  Djarum Menthol cigars are made from high-end tobaccos as well as aged cloves. They possess a distinct taste that oozes sophistication and elegance.  

Djarum Menthol cigars come in a range of flavors. The most well-known Djarum flavors is Djarum Black however there are Djarum Select and Djarum Select or Djarum Black Emerald. If you're seeking something different. There's also a tropical flavour known as Djarum Splash.

Djarum Filtered Clove Menthol cigars are a favorite among most smokers. They have a menthol- and clove taste that reminds of a spicy, hot clove. These cigars burn fast and provide great satisfaction with tobacco. They're also inexpensive for excellent quality.

Djarum Filtered Cigars have been produced in Indonesia since 1951. They provide a distinct mix of Indonesian tobacco with a distinctive spice and clove flavor. They are a real head-turner with their distinctive pop sound they emit when they are burnt.

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