Good Times Sweet Woods 2 For $1.29 Cigarillos 15 Pouches of 2 Natural


Good Times Sweet Woods natural cigarillos are leafy cigars which feature a blend of premium tobaccos as well as the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. They provide a light smoke and come in a convenient foil pouch. They are available in 15 pouches per boxes with two cigars per box. Good Times Sweet Woods cigarillos are produced in the Dominican Republic. If you're looking to find an authentic natural cigar that is priced  reasonable, you should consider Sweet Woods Natural. 

The machine-rolled cigar is light and are made from premium tobaccos. They are wrapped in an organic broadleaf wrapper, and are packed in a foil bag to ensure freshness. They're pre-priced at 1.29 and will please smokers of all kinds. The light, smooth smoke makes these cigarillos an ideal daily smoke. You'll also love how they look and smell. They're designed for women and men Their affordable cost is another benefit.

Sweet Woods Cigarillos are made by mixing a hefty amount of tobaccos. They're made from an organic leaf tobacco that's been lightly infused with flavor as well as natural oils. They're manufactured by machines using the finest quality tobaccos made from Central America and wrapped in authentic Connecticut shading leaf. It's also easy to use. Try a few boxes of these and relish the distinct flavor of natural tobacco with ease.