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Good Times Sweet Woods 2 For $1.29 Cigarillos 15 Pouches of 2 Rum River


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Sweet Woods Rum River cigarillos from Good Times have a natural leaf, rustic wrapper, encased in ultra-ripe tobacco. They're light in strength and release an aroma that is pleasant to smoke, which makes them perfect to enjoy a smoke outdoors. They are packed in foil-sealed packets that include 30 cigarillos in each pack. They come in a range of  tastes, making it possible to choose the perfect one for your needs at any time.

The tobacco that is used as a natural leaf in the production of Sweet Woods rum river cigars is harvested from the Dominican Republic. The cigar measures 4.25 inches wide and is 30 rings gauge. The cigars come in 30 packs to facilitate storage and convenience. Rum river cigars are an absolute must for those who appreciate the exquisite taste and aroma of a premium quality, authentic cigar. 

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