Good Times Sweet Woods 2 For $1.49 Cigarillos 15 Pouches of 2 Russian Cream


These Good Times Russian Cream Sweet Woods Cigarillos are a top-quality natural rustic blend. The cigarillos, which are also known as cheroot, are characterized by an intense, aromatic tobacco taste as well as a delicious vanilla flavor. Good Times Russian Cream Sweet Woods Cigarillos provide a wonderful smoking experience. They're light in strength and are a great choice to smoke outdoors. They are a fragrant mix of shorter filler tobacco which offers subtle notes of sweet wood as well as some earthiness. They also have an Connecticut Broad leaf that creates the perfect smoking experience.

These Cheroot-styled smokes are wrapped in an old-fashioned leaf. Good Times Sweet Woods are produced in the Dominican Republic and contain premium tobaccos infused with flavors. They are machine-rolled and packaged in the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. They are available in two cigar packages and come with the ring size of 27. Good Times Sweet Woods are sold in smoke shops across the nation and can be shipped conveniently to your front door.