Grabba Leaf Cigar Wrap Pack of 25


The Grabba Leaf cigar wrap is constructed from the highest quality tobacco leaves, and is free of additives commonly used in different tobacco items. They offer a fresh flavor, an excellent smoking experience for those who don't wish to make use of harmful flavorings or chemicals. 

The leaves of Grabba are like the tobacco leaves that are utilized for rolling tobacco. These tobacco leaves are natural and can be used to create various tobacco products like blunts and cigarettes. It is possible to chew, smoke and then dipped. Smokers can also make use of Grabba leaves for snus or tobacco for dipping.

Grabba leaves resemble Fronto leaves, however, they are thicker and darker. Grabba leaves should be taken off the table in the event that they turn damp. 

Contrary to fronto leaves the Grabba leaf cigar wraps are constructed from cigarettes that are meticulously dried and air cured. So long as it's entirely natural, it's suitable for those who smoke and is a great alternative to plastic wrap. But, it's not recommended for children as it contains nicotine, which is an extremely addictive chemical.