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Al Fakher Apple Hookah Shisha 250g


There are many varieties of apple shisha but none is better than the traditional Al Fakher Apple. Double Apple is the most popular. Double Apple variety, for instance, is focused greater on sweetness flavor and less on anise. If you're a mix enthusiast or simply love the apple taste it is the perfect smoking tobacco to choose for your hookah. Double Apple hookah tobacco can be available in large tubs as well as samples.

It is the Al Fakher apple hookah tobacco is made in Emirati firm Al-Fakher. The apple flavor is smooth and sweet, with the slightest hint of tartness. It is best consumed in a traditional clay bowl. It is not necessary to cut and press it. It's just a matter of placing them on foil use a heat-management device to enjoy a simple, tasty experience. Because it's a fruity taste, it's perfect for mixing together with the other flavor.

You may be looking to enjoy a tangy citrus taste or are looking to experiment with something new Al Fakher's selection of tobacco comes with a variety of flavors to suit every mood. For instance, the Orange Mint Shisha Tobacco 50g offers the freshness of mint, with a pronounced orange taste. This Peach Shisha Tobacco 50g delivers an incredibly sweet and tangy peach taste. If you're craving for a bit of tartness, consider it with the Blueberry Mint Shisha tobacco that is also a good to go alongside Al Fakher's Al Fakher apple tobacco

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