Largo Gold Pipe Tobacco 6 oz. Bag


Enjoy a stress free evening without a single worry on your mind with the Largo Gold Pipe Tobacco, a product that delivers the pure taste of tobacco whilst reducing its punch for those that wish to tread lightly on their senses. This genius concoction brings together the finest mixture of Virginia and Burley tobaccos, featuring an exquisite blend that blesses the senses with every inhalation. Leaving behind a gentle, mellow room note this pipe tobacco boasts a non aromatic profile for those that wish for their smoke to be devoid of any third party flavors. Diced into a ribbon cut, this product is good for pipes and roll your owns alike, allowing for an even burning profile that is smooth on the throat and soothing to all other senses. Packaged into resealable 5 oz bags, this packaging solution is designed to optimize the preservation of flavor and quality. Purchase this Largo product now, for it will appease you every single time.