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Largo Menthol Pipe Tobacco 12 Pouches of 0.75 oz.


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The essence of the mint is not just revitalizing and refreshing but it also suffices to embellish the overall experience of the smoke from the beginning to the end. This luxurious Largo Menthol Pipe Tobacco yields a thick natural tobacco smoke with a minty gist. Made from the finest amalgamation of Air Cured and Brightleaf tobaccos, this product is mild to medium in its strength, treating the senses with optimal respect. Ribbon cut, this pipe tobacco has been diced perfectly in order to fit both pipes and roll your owns without any uneven pieces. This type of texture allows for a slow but even burn from the beginning to the end, restricting the potential for inconsistent burning and flavor delivery. Packaged into twelve conveniently resealable pouches of 0.75 oz each, you can now take your tobacco on any recreational activity and not worry about a depreciating flavor and freshness. Try this product now, for you will not be disappointed.

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