Largo Regular Pipe Tobacco 12 Pouches of 0.75 oz.


For those that wish to go all the way when it comes to experiencing tobacco without any subtractions or compromises should choose the Largo Regular Pipe Tobacco. This domestically manufactured masterpiece is professionally evolved from air cured and flue cured tobaccos, thanks to a perfect blend of Burley and Virginia that have been grown under ample rainfall and sunlight on lands of pure fertility. This product burns very consistently and slowly, boasting an incredible value to quality ratio that is tough for competition to match or transcend. Stuffed into 12 resealable pouches of 0.75 oz each, this pipe tobacco is blessed with incredible conditions for quality preservation thanks to Largo's faultless zippers. Devoid of any additional flavors, this Largo product offers a medium bodied smoke from the beginning to the end of the smoking session. If you're looking for a product that will never let you down, look no further than this masterpiece.