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Middleton's Cherry Blend Pipe Tobacco 6 Pockets of 1.5 oz.

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Have you ever wondered what the blend that pioneered cherry flavored pipe tobacco tasted like? Wonder no more! Middleton's is the answer- a delightful blend that is a rather perfect balance of Burley and Cavendish tobaccos with an original cherry flavoring on top. Creating an aromatic flavor, this pipe tobacco renders a balanced room note that leaves everyone in a state of delight. This coarsely cut pipe tobacco is mild to medium in strength, preserving its freshness superbly in its perfectly sealed pockets. Tobacco Stock offers this product in 6 pockets of 1.5 oz each, exclusively packaged for traveling.

Produced by John Middleton, INC, Middleton's cherry pipe tobacco blend carries on the tradition of flavored pipe tobacco through the modern day. Whether you're looking to purchase this product from our online retail store or our wholesale distribution center, you will be amazed by our incredibly affordable prices. We are Middleton's official distributor, offering their exclusively featured pipe tobacco on our online store. Our shipping is fast and satisfactory.

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