Action Mint Pipe Tobacco 6 oz. Bag


The week is coming to an end and you wish to celebrate with something cool to the taste; what do you do? Celebrate with Action Mint Pipe Tobacco, a perfect match for your pipe. Made from exclusively selected tobaccos off of a plantation that diligently raises plants that receive a perfect amount of sunlight and rainfall, this product burns very slowly and evenly - allowing one to experience the point where high quality and great value intersect. Action offers their Mint pipe tobaccos in 16oz and 6oz bags that pack their product very tightly in order to preserve freshness and quality for a long time, also sufficing to prevent the distribution of shake. Whenever you wish to freshen your taste - don't overlook this exclusive product from Deans! Grown on domestic tobacco plantations, Action continues to set the standard for what high quality pipe tobacco should taste like.