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Super Value Pipe Tobacco Black & Gold 12 oz. Bag


This flavor is unorthodox and new to many beginner smokers. So, what is it? The Super Value Pipe Tobacco Black & Gold is the embodiment of the combination of the ripest and most delicious golden-brown Burley tobaccos and the strongest in flavor deep Cavendish tobaccos. With no additional flavorings from any third-party savor, this concoction brings out the finest tastes and flavors found inherent in contemporary tobaccos. Let 's start with the Burley. It offers a warm and toasty flavor of nuts, delivered in a gentle way. When it comes to Cavendish, you get a mild tobacco taste that treads lightly on the senses and perfectly complements the Burley. With a combined mild strength profile, this blend also renders a balanced room note. This type of room note is slightly stronger than the milder competition, but is optimized to make itself more pronounced upon entering the doorstep of the palate. The style of this blend is still aromatic, featuring strong and deep aromas, which sufficiently permeate the surrounding environment. This blend is lose cut, a perfect consistency for any pipe or roll-your-own when it comes to taking into consideration the evenness and steadiness of the smoke. Each product is placed carefully into resealable 12 oz bags, stitched with a zipper for the purposes of flavor and quality preservation.

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