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Super Value Pipe Tobacco Whiskey 12 oz. Bag


Inundate your senses with flavors of ambrosial whiskey, proudly crafted in order to appease the palate in legendary ways. What we have here is the Super Value Pipe Tobacco Whiskey Cavendish blend, perfect for the lovers of the corresponding alcoholic beverage that wish to intoxicate their senses and not their bodies. Made of only natural imported and domestic tobaccos, this blend features a very mellow strength profile, which never overpowers the palate and always strides through the senses with a gentle undertone. This flavor is aromatic; however, because of its low room note it leaves behind a clement aroma that doesn't antagonize the senses of bystanders. The tobaccos that comprise this product are Burley and Cavendish, cut precisely in a loose cut manner in order to provide incredible consistency and steadiness whenever smoked. You can puff on this product out of bowls, pipes or roll it up. However you do it, you will enjoy yourself and your smoke to the max. This product comes in resealable 12 oz bags, made with flavor and integrity preservation in mind. Don't underestimate the pervasive flavors of liquor when it comes to this blend and don't forget to enjoy yourself!

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