RAW Classic Papers King Size Slim Pack of 50


RAW Classic King Size Slim Papers are a ideal option for smokers who prefer to take a long smooth smoke. This timeless collection of rolling papers is unbleached , unrefined and constructed with the finest natural fibers. These papers are thinner than the typical King size and give an even burning, and create less waste of paper. They are also vegan friendly and organic.

Raw's rolling papers are created from pure, unbleached fibers to give a soft and translucent brown hue. The paper is non-additive and the patent-pending, Rolling Supreme watermark system keeps the watermark from running, resulting in a uniform and smooth burn. The slim king-size is created by blending a mix of unbleached fibers that prevent the watermark from leaking and aiding the paper in maintaining its thickness.

Raw Classic King-sized Slim Rolling Papers are made of 100% natural sap of trees the gum, and fibers from plants. They're non-GMO, chlorine-free and gluten-free. They also come with a distinctive watermark with a criss-cross that guarantees the most consistent burning.