RAW Papers King Size Supreme Pack of 24


RAW offers a broad selection of cigarettes papers that are non-bleached and gluten-free. Its Supreme King size Creaseless comes with forty pieces of even, slow-burning paper in a pack of 24. The cigarette papers burn extremely slow, and are great for those who prefer an easy way to roll.

These RAW Natural Supreme Rolling Papers are made of pure, unprocessed fibers. They have a light brown color that's transparent. Every piece of paper is watermarked with a distinct design of criss-cross. These papers with no creases are greater than a half inch in width and are able to be kept on a flat surface.

Raw Rolling Papers are known as among the top in the market. The unbleached hemp fibers are extremely fine and ensure an even and smooth burning. They also come in King size that is ideal for large hand-rolled cigarettes.