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Signal Blackberry Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20

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A powerful wave of flavors is unleashed upon the ignition of the legendary Signal Blackberry Filtered Cigars. When you first light them up and inhale, your senses will be gifted with a splash of organic, farm picked blackberries that have been ripened to perfection. This fruitful sensation is powered by a smoke that is mild in strength, yet delivers a pleasant aroma that captivates the senses of bystanders. Comprised of three signature types of tobaccos that are predominantly grown in North Carolina, Signal delivers a covert blend that maintains a secretive cloak due to its impeccable delivery of flavor and fragrance in one concoction. Made from a veneer that is comprised of paper and tobacco, commonly known as a homogenized tobacco leaf, these cigars offer an even distribution of flavor throughout their wrapper in order to yield a consistency in one's smoking experience. With a filter that extrudes any unwanted byproducts from the combustion of the cigar, Signal has revolutionized the idea of what a filtered cigar should smoke like. Packed with premium all natural filler tobaccos, one should expect a natural flavoring that is blessed with a Blackberry flavor and is rather soothing to the sense of smell and taste alike.

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