Super Value Pipe Tobacco Amaretto 12 oz. Bag


We know exactly what to do in order to make Super Value your new favorite. Just try the Super Value Pipe Tobacco Amaretto blend once and you will take your palate down a path of luxurious avenues, which it has never embarked on before. Why luxurious? Perhaps you should take into consideration the delectable flavor of the almond liquor top dressing, a tang that beguiles the senses with every single inhalation in ways where your neurons create new pathways just to anticipate the same experience sometime in the near future. Made from a combination of Cavendish and Burley tobaccos, carefully grown and finely cured this product features a mellow bodied strength profile that is boldly pronounced while treading lightly on the palate. How is this possible? Perhaps we need to take into consideration the low room note rating for this pipe tobacco, blended perfectly in order to treat the environment with ease. This product is lose cut, so it is optimized for consistency and evenness when it is smoked out of your preferred pipe or is rolled for further flavorful enjoyment. This product is placed carefully into resealable 12 oz bags, stitched with a zipper for flavor and integrity preservation.