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Swisher Sweets Leaf 10/3-ct Pack of 30 Honey


Despite being known for machine-rolled cigars, Swisher Sweets leaf line delves into imperfection to deliver a level of authenticity you would only find in nature.

As demonstrated through rough-cut cigars, rolled in a Connecticut broadleaf tobacco wrapper, Swisher Sweets Leaf Honey Cigars are the ultimate definition of perfection in imperfection. The honey taste is practically a staple for Swisher Sweets, but with the addition of the leaf wrap, they now become a bit more complex and full of flavor. This makes these cigars ideal for grounding and filling with herbs.

Each pack includes 3 of these smoking delights, excellent for a few sessions. But for this listing, you will get a total of 10 packages or 30 cigars.

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