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Swisher Sweets Leaf 10/3-ct Pack of 30 Sweet Aromatic


Swisher Sweets Leaf cigars are imperfect, and that’s okay. Each of its flaws creates a unique characteristic that brings it closer to becoming the perfect cigar. There’s still so much to love about every flavor.

Sweet Aromatic is complex but with a faint but distinct tinge of sweetness. Its flavor profile is as balanced and smooth as you’d dream of. Simply, it is an abundance of aromatic notes. Right from the first impression, the wrapper offers a sweet syrupy note with a faint top-rate tobacco taste. With this flavor, you can expect the candied taste to dominate alongside a pleasant, inviting aroma.

This smoke stick has mild to medium strength, but be prepared to experience a full bouquet of glace flavors for the duration of the smoke

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