Beretta Filter Tubes King Size Full Flavor 1 Carton of 200


Nothing conveys the idea of premium cigarette tubes more than Beretta, one of the best manufacturers in its class. Boasting an impeccable facade that allows for an ample amount of tobacco to be fit inside, the Beretta Original Filter Tubes are concocted with you in mind, sponsoring a full flavor that adds to whatever tobacco you decide to stuff them with. These stylish tubes are devoid of many of the chemicals modern cigarettes are inundated in, allowing them to render a purer smoking session. With an easy pull and an even burn your expectations will be transcended every time. Merged with a black filter tip that sits congruent to the main paper body, these Beretta Original Filter Tubes don't become wet easily and are known to stay dry for a while regardless of the abuse they are put through. Each box contains a 200 count of filter tubes that will last you for a very long time. If you're looking for something that is smooth and is devoid of excessive harshness, look no further than Beretta.