Classic Filter Tubes King Size Menthol (green) 5 Cartons of 200


Wish to recreate a menthol cigarette experience? The Classic Blue King Size filter tubes are the perfect choice for you. These minty coated filter tubes deliver a refreshing smoke each time they are ignited after you fill them with your desired cigarette tobacco. Just because you get these filter tubes at the fraction of the cost doesn't mean you get a fraction of the experience; each of these Blue King Size filter tubes offer a minty smoking experience due to their coating that perfectly emulates that of a menthol cigarette. Simply add your own cigarette tobacco and you've got yourself the perfect cigarette clone. Tobacco Stock offers this product in wrapped packages of five boxes, whereas one box contains 200 cigarette. With attached filters that prevent the smoker from experiencing unwanted aspects of combustion, each of these filter tubes will render just the right delivery of flavor and strength.