Golden Harvest Filter Tubes 100 mm Light 5 Cartons of 200


Who's holding you back from experiencing some of the finest products produced in the United States? The beautiful Golden Harvest 100mm Light Filter Tubes are the embodiment of American perfection, boasting a gorgeous veneer that promotes traits of consistency in burn whilst properly eradicating unwanted byproducts of combustion with their harnessed filter tips upon every inhalation. These tubes feature a delectable light flavor that never overshadows any constituent tobaccos you fit them with, allowing you to experience the flavor you choose to in its fullest. With their 100mm size, you can now take delight in the enjoyment of a longer in duration smoke as your product burns slowly and consistently from the beginning to the end. Made in North Carolina by Rouseco, you can rest assured that behind every tube lie years of expertise in manufacturing. With 25mm filter tips on top of the equation, you simply cannot go wrong with this choice.