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Golden Harvest Filter Tubes King Size Light 5 Cartons of 200

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Rouseco's finest filter tubes are now available to the mainstream smoker's market, the unblemished Golden Harvest Light King Size Filter Tubes now feature a handsome but practical finish, predicated by an empirical filter that suffices to expunge undesirable byproducts of combustion with every inhalation. Made on American soil, this North Carolinan masterpiece delivers a consistent, yet slow burning experience every single time it is ignited. Fit exclusively with 17mm filter tips, each of these products boast a gorgeous veneer that sets a worldwide standard that isn't the easiest to match. This light flavor allows any type of tobacco the tubes are filled with to shine every single time, for it is never overpowering and delivers the desired flavor every single time. Don't overlook Golden Harvest, for they have withstood the test of time!

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