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White Owl Cigarillos Mini 3 for $1.29 15 Packs Of 3 White Grape


If you're looking for a fun flavored cigar, you might want to try White Owl White Grape Mini Cigarillos. These sweet minis feature a mild, grape-like flavor that will be a perfect complement to a glass of red wine. These minis are made of the same premium blend as the larger sized White Grape White Owl Cigars, which includes five distinct tobaccos that are infused with white grape flavor. They're also a great option for those who want a cigar on a budget, but still want to experience the same great taste.

These miniature cigars are machine-made and contain a blend of tobacco from five nations. These cigars are mild-to-medium in flavor, and are packaged in a convenient upright box of 15 packs. They're available online on our website, so you’ve got the chance to order a perfect smoke to accompany your next trip. Whether you're on vacation or just need a little break from work, you'll love these White Owl White Grape Minis.

One pouch contains three mini cigarillos. Each one is slightly shorter than a regular cigar, and is packed in a foil pouch to maintain their freshness. Designed for a leisurely smoke, White Owl Mini Cigarillos are made by Swedish Match in Dothan, Alabama, and are available in a competitive "3 for $1.29" pack, as well as in a "Save on Three" package.