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White Owl Cigarillos 30 Packs of 2 Cigars White Peach


If you want to save on 2 cigars and still enjoy a premium flavored smoke, try one of these White Owl White Peach Cigarillos. These American-made cigars are made from five of the world's finest tobaccos. Each pack contains two cigars in a resealable foil pouch. They're also a great gift idea for cigar lovers! Order White Owl White Peach Cigarillos on our website!

These White Owl White Peach cigarillos are easily available for online purchase, and they yield a great smooth smoke. TobaccoStock.com sells them online at a discount - you can get a 30-pack box of these cigarillos for a few dollars less than the retail value. You can even save on shipping! Lastly, The mild flavor is complemented by an impressive blend of high-quality tobacco