Delicious Pods Pack of 4 Raspberry Mint

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Delicious Pods Pack of 4 Raspberry Mint

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• 4 Pods Included
• 1ml Liquid of 5% Salt Nic
• JUUL Compatible Pods



Sometimes manufacturers go out on a limb in amalgamate a fruity flavor with that of menthol. This time, one manufacturer’s experimentation has proved to be a solid success. Enter Delicious Pods Raspberry Mint. This product contains a flavor that makes one feel as if though he or she is puffing on combination of red and green grapes but with a slightly sweeter taste profile, thanks to an infusion of raspberry based essences. As one continues to puff, he or she is destined to encounter a minty overtone that suffices to freshen up and redefine the senses a tad bit. If you wish to leave any remaining flavors in your mouth behind, puff on the Delicious Pods Raspberry Mint, for they will clean out your senses and revitalize them in the image of perfection. The Delicious Pods are compatible with any Juul Device, also created as viable substitutes for the famed Juul Pods. We offer the best prices on these products, so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off anywhere else! Just add these to your cart, wait a few days and commence to enjoy!
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Delicious Pods
Flavor Mint/Menthol

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