Jum Pods Pack of 4 Classic Tobacco

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Jum Pods Pack of 4 Classic Tobacco

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NicSalt 5.0%


When bystanders feel the smell of the classic tobacco flavor in the air, they commence to stop and stare at its origin. And this time, it isn’t because they are suspecting a lit cigarette. This time, the JUM Classic Tobacco Pods has caught their senses by storm due to their uniqueness. The pervading smell of natural tobacco leaves in the form of vapor has got their senses amazed at what they are perceiving, creating an irresistible desire in them to puff on what you’re puffing. Your mild in strength product is strong enough to impart a strong, pressing flavor without overpowering your palate. And at this point, as you continue puffing on your everlasting goodness you are virtually and sensually unable to distinguish the difference between the vapor and the smoke proffered by the traditional cigarette!
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Additional Information

Brand Jum
Flavor Tobacco

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