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Al Capone Tobacco Leaf Wrap Pack of 12ct Cognac

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If you've been searching for an exciting new tobacco look into Al Capone's Cognac Leaf wraps. Made of 100% tobacco leaves These wraps burn slow and smooth and have a the authentic flavor of cognac. You'll be able to enjoy the smooth, velvety smoke along with the natural and smooth nicotine. Available in a 12-pack leaf wraps from Al Capone have been created to provide you with an exceptional smoking experience.

The Al Capone leaf wraps are available with three wonderful flavor options: Cognac, Original, and Rum. They are tasty and evenly burn, giving an indulgent, smooth as well as refreshing smoke. Contrary to other wraps that need filling and licking or twisting Al Capone Wraps can be extremely clean and simple to roll. They are made from only the best 100 percent Brazilian tobacco leaves, which result in a natural tobacco flavor and just enough nicotine and pleasant and balanced experience.

For a start on your journey to comfort, flavor and rest Try the Al Capone leaf wraps. Famous for its high-quality tobacco products for decades The Al Capone Brand creates premium cigarettes as well as other products for smoking. With a rich history that spans decades and Al Capone Leaf Wrap is Al Capone Leaf Wrap is legendary. Each wrap is constructed of top quality tobacco leaves and features an adhesive closure. Pick the flavor you'd enjoy: Original, Cognac, Rum or Cognac.

If you like smoke-free, smooth tobacco or prefer a smooth, smoke-free experience the Al Capone leaf blunt wraps are a simple and efficient way to enjoy the best smoke. The online store of the company offers high-quality products at a reasonable price and offers nationwide shipping. The company's products are renowned for their richness in flavor and aroma. An excellent Al Capone Leaf Wrap is an excellent investment.

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