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Backwoods Black & Sweet Aromatic Cigars 8 Packs of 5

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Pick a smoke that treats the senses with respect while revealing the proper amount of flavor and strength simultaneously. These 5 pack Backwoods cigarillos offer the senses a mild in strength smoke that boasts a sweet taste and a pleasant aroma. Concocted with the combination of natural and homogenized tobaccos, these short cigarillos are cloaked in a well constructed natural wrapper. This product assimilates the dimensions of four inches with a well rounded gauge of 27 perfect for a short, thirst quenching smoke session. Backwoods cigarillos find their origin in the United States, grown on tobacco friendly plantations that yield some of the best crops in the world in terms of quality and flavor consistency. Besides the aforementioned qualities, these cigarillos burn in a very smooth and even matter due to their seamless construction.

Backwoods is a popular manufacturer of cigarillos that is based in USA and produced by ITG Brands, a company that stands as the third largest tobacco product manufacturer in the United States.

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