Cherokee Mellow Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20


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Dennis S.
Cherokee Mellow Filtered Cigars

1st time purchasing filtered cigars, wasn't sure what to expect. I can now say after my 4th pack these are better than expected. Draw is smooth, smoke is mellow and has just a small amount of cigar aroma with no aftertaste. Richer flavor than a cigarette. Filter ends seem to tar up much less than cigarettes do. Very pleased overall. Would like to see Tobacco Stock offer a sampler variety carton so one could try different brands without buying a full carton.

Justin B.
Better Than Other Filtered Cigars I've Tried.

Most filtered cigars I've tried have way to stiff of a draw, you literally get a headache because they are really hard to puff on. These on the other hand have a very easy draw and most of the claims in the description hold true. These cigars are a very smooth smoke and flavor is really nice. Other reviewers claim they have to relight continuously, I understand those claims but it just depends on the individual and how you smoke. I personally have not had to relight them and the way these are made to make an easier draw is a huge plus for me. There may not be a lot of time you have in between puffs before it goes out but for me it's manageable. I'm used to full flavored cigarettes and like smoke that is easy to get and these fulfill that expectation. Flavor is as good or better than cigarettes depending on your taste preference. My only complaint is it's not the best smelling but I believe it's the paper in which I have found all filtered cigars have the same Brown paper. The paper however does not alter the pleasant taste of the tobacco and am very pleased with my purchase. I lastly want to mention that these are 100s, I'm used to smoking shorts but really it's not a problem and I think most filtered cigars are 100s anyway. One final note the filters may appear long but these are different with the easy draw technology. Upon tearing the paper off the filter I discovered that it's constructed of two small and short filters with gravel in between the filters. The filter closest to the tobacco burning is soft and the one at the end is firm. The gravel appears to be like what you would place in a pipe and the combination of these ingredients is what i believe makes the draw easier than others. I really like these and if your making the transition from cigarettes I strongly suggest trying these first cuz honestly if you don't like these I doubt you'll like any other filtered cigars. If your a menthol smoker than you can try the menthol variety but I havent tried them and I smoke menthol cigarettes too and tried these non menthol ones first. I made that decision because these are more mellow and it's better to try something less strong and be able to smoke it than to get something too strong that you can't smoke. You can always move to something bolder later if you wish.