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Middleton's Black & Mild Gold & Mild Cigars Box of 25

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Relax yourself after a stressful day with the Black & Mild Gold & Mild cigars - concocted from a recipe that emulates perfection. Machine rolled out of tobacco that had been handpicked from plantations that received the perfect amount of sunlight, humidity and rainfall, these cigars will provide you with a relieving, uncompromising smoke. Mild in their strength profile, rest assured that your senses will never be overpowered by an overabundance of flavor and strength, for every puff that you take from these cigars will satisfy your cravings in just the right ways. Conveniently packaged in boxes that preserve the quality and integrity of each cigar, Black & Mild has perfectly constructed the dimensions of 5 x 30 for these cigars - a size perfect for a satisfying smoke session. Both the binder and wrapper that comprise these cigars are made of a perfectly rolled homogenized tobacco leaf. Tobacco Stock offers these cigars in convenient packaging solutions of either 10 packs of 5 or a box of 25.

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