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Big Rock Smooth Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag

9 reviews

If you like your tobacco to be full flavor, underpinned by a smooth taste and non aromatic flavor then choose the Big Rock Smooth Pipe Tobacco 16 oz Bag. Designed for those, that wish to smoke for longer periods of time without running out this product continues to impress beginners and experienced smokers alike. This medium to full bodied product sponsors a gorgeous ribbon cut that burns just as smoothly as it goes down the throat, tendering an equal treatment to pipes and roll your owns alike. With no strong aftertaste, this smooth blend also boasts a low room note; this is a perfect solution for the smoker to keep away from irritating the bystanders. Stuffed into resealable packages, Big Rock stitches their bags with zippers that are retractable; this makes them perfect contenders for extended durations in flavor and quality preservation.

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