Middleton's Black & Mild Cherry Blend Cigars 10 Packs of 5


With a gentle cherry smell emanating from the Black & Mild Cherry cigars, prepare to experience an aromatic, fruity flavor that 'll serve as a viable replacement for dessert. Perfect for a cigar break, each short little cigar assimilates the dimensions of 5x30 conveniently placed into plastic wraps so their pipe tobacco contents stay inside of the cigar. Each one of these flavor-filled cigars is wrapped in homogenized tobacco leaves, the same ingredients that comprise the cigar 's binder. Mild in strength, you have no overpowering taste or room note to deal with - this makes these cigars perfect for the beginners. Whether you choose to purchase the box of 25 or 10 packs of 5, each cigar is topped off with a plastic tip that is perfect for your lips to wrap around as you take puffs from the slow, consistently burning cigar that fills your senses with a world of bliss.