Middleton's Black & Mild Cream Cigars 10 Packs of 5


A gentle, creamy smoke is a recipe for a great smoking experience. John Middleton 's took their Black & Mild Cream cigars to a whole different level by encapsulating them with a top of the line homogenized tobacco leaf that renders an unmatched smoke by offering the smoker an even and consistent burn. With a creamy finish, one should expect a mellow-bodied smoke that shows off a great taste but succeeds not to overpower the senses. With a binder that is also comprised of the same high quality homogenized leaf, these cigars take on a stylish appearance that is light brown in color - the color of a truly natural cigar. Conveniently sized to match the dimensions of 5x30, these machine made cigars are rolled with perfection. Each creamy cigar is aromatic in flavor - a perfect recipe to spoil the senses. Tobacco Stock offers these cigars in plastic tips, whereby the packaging method is conveniently offered in 10 packs of 5.